Brillant Black

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Black water soluble dye.

May be used for Bath bombs, Salts, Sand and Crafts. Rice and noodle art.


Black Bath Bomb Dye.

Although water soluble dyes are used to make brilliantly coloured bath bombs and bath water, did you know, water soluble dyes may be used to also colour pasta crafts, salt, liquid soap, sand art.

Remember making your own glue from flour and water for paper mache, you can colour that too!

During the summer months you can mix with water and fill water bomb balloons. (Be sure to wear old clothes)

You can even use them to temporally colour your hair! Great for parties or just because you can.

To colour hair, mix with some conditioner, apply to hair, the longer you leave it in, the darker the colour. Wash out and you have beautiful coloured hair. This is only temporary.

Works best on lighter coloured hair. May last anywhere from one wash to a few weeks. After you have coloured your hair, why not add a touch of sparkle, our Sparkling Glitter Gel will have you sparkling like a star!

Mix with other dye colours to make more colours. Bath bomb dyes are highly concentrated, you only need the smallest amount. They show true magic of colour when they hit the water!

Powder is a rust colour. You must mix the powder with water before incorporating into your bath bombs. Dyes show there amazing colours when they hit the water. If you do not mix the powder with water before incorporating, your bath bombs will not look black.

This is the closest to water soluble black you are going to get that isn't going to stain the bath.

It does have a purple tinge to it as black is not a colour. Black and white are not colors because they do not have specific wavelengths. Instead, white light contains all wavelengths of visible light. Black, is the absence of visible light. You cannot make a true water soluble black but this gives the water an appearance of black which comes pretty close.

Your own research and testing is required. Wear gloves when coming in direct contact of the dye powder as it will stain.

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Black CI 28440


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Brillant Black

Black water soluble dye.

May be used for Bath bombs, Salts, Sand and Crafts. Rice and noodle art.

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