Question: Do you post worldwide?
Answer: We post only post within Australia.

Question: What is NQR?
Answer: Not Quite Right are discounted products that may not be the right colour, have one to many cracks or air bubbles, the wrong shape, the scent may have faded ect... They contain the full goodness of any other product with the same quality. They are unique in their own way.

Question: I have a medical condition, can I use your products?
Answer: It is important to consult your doctor before using. If you have sensitive skin or any kind of skin condition, eczema, dermatitis ect. It is best to find out what triggers your reactions as well as consulting with your doctor before use.

If you are planning on having a baby or if you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before purchasing. High blood pressure or other medical conditions, it is best to consult with your doctor before purchasing and using our products.

Question: Do your products have more than one use?
Answer: Some products do!

Shower gel also makes a great bubble bath.

Shampoo bars. More than just a shampoo bar, these lovely beauties may also be used for shaving, a face and body wash.

Butter wash can be used as a shampoo (It wont suit everyone's hair) and a facial cleanser.

Bath whip can be used as a scrub, just add sugar, salt or coffee.

Question: Does shampooing cause hair loss?
Answer: Brushing or massaging your scalp when shampooing simply dislodges hairs that have already become detached from the follicle’s base and are ready to come out. If your hair is coming out in large amounts, its best to consult with your doctor.

Question: Why are the suds from the soap is the same colour as the soap?
Answer: This is perfectly fine and not a defect. Some ingredients such as clays, coffee and some colours may bleed slightly.

Question: Do your products cause the bath to be slippery?
Answer: Some products contain oils and butters that may make the bath tub slippery, never stand in the bath. Adult supervision is required, especially with children. Clean your bath after use to be sure the bath is not slippery for the next time you use it.

Question: Do bath bomb colours stain the bath tub or to my skin?
Answer: Dyes are water soluble. Do not play with the bath bomb, coming into direct contact with the dyes will stain your skin. Dyes must be completely dissolved in water to prevent staining.

It is advisable to release the bath water as soon as you exit the bath and give a quick wash down with water. Do not leave bath water over night or extended periods of time in the bath. Although we take great care in preventing this from happening, please be aware that staining may occur.

Question: I have sensitive skin, which products should I use?
Answer: We strongly suggest you read the ingredients listed in the product description. It is best to know what triggers your reactions or allergies. Always test products before use, try on a small part of your body, wait 24 hours to see if you have a reaction. Discontinue use if you have any kind of reaction.

Question: Do all bath bombs float?
Answer: No, depending on the ingredients used, not all bath bombs float. Oils and butters can carry weight, fore then, these ingredients can make the bath bomb heavy.

Question: Do all bath bombs expire?
Answer: Yes they can, if you pop your bath bombs in a box and forget about them, they may lose their fizz and scent. Colour and fragrance may also fade. Best to use your bath bombs within 30 days of receiving them.

Question: Why do bath bombs crack?
Answer: Bath bombs can crack, have warts, swell and can go soft due to many reasons. It may be caused by moisture from the air, the weather, humidity. It may happen when traveling during delivery. The bath bomb is still perfectly fine to use.

Question: Does this mean the bath bomb is no good?
Answer: No, the bath bomb is perfectly fine. Cracking, warts bumps and lumps are not a defect, these are unavoidable. Bath bombs can have a mind of their own.

Question: Does handmade soap last as long as store bought soap?
Answer: No, handmade soap does not contain any chemical hardeners.

Question: How do I care for handmade soap?
Answer: You can download Soap Care on the soap product page under extras.

Question: Can soap change colour?
Answer: It sure can, the natural colour of the oils used may change the colour of the soap over time. The colour may lighten or darken, usually brown in colour. Some fragrances can also cause the soap to discolour, most times the soap will darken to brown. This does not affect the quality or the soap in any way. This is beyond our control.